10.6.8 issue using iMac camera

im running a trial version and just upgraded to 10.6.8 and now when I try to take a picture using the iMac camera it snaps the picture and the crashes. Any ideas?

There is another thread about this, but since you have the exact same problem as I am having, I thought I would post here too. I tried on .7 earlier and just upgraded, but still have the same issue. iMac, trial Home, using the built in camera.

Am I correct to assume you are talking about iStopMotion? We are aware of an issue where iStopMotion just quits without an actual crash. The usual dialog “Application xyz unexpectedly quit.” is not showing up. Can you confirm this?
We cannot reproduce this issue (yet) on any of our machines, but we received feedback that downgrading to iStopMotion 2.7 solves the problem for now: http://www.boinx.com/software/istopmotion/Boinx_iStopMotion_2.7-3451.dmg

Please try and report your findings. Thank you very much!

+1 on this issue- instaquit whenever capping a frame with the iSight using 2.8 with 10.6.8, and downgrading to 2.7 fixed it.

You can also use 2.8.1 which is already available from our website or the built in software update, we fixed this nasty bug. Sorry for the inconvenience!