1.9.10: Compatibility with ATEM Switcher

The information about version 1.9.10 says “Fixed compatibility with ATEM Switcher”
What does it mean?
What features are we talking about?

We have an upcoming additional feature that will allow to remote control an ATEM Switcher from within BoinxTV. There will be more info very soon.

I am looking forward to this working. we have 2 schools that would beimpacted otherwise we are considering going with wirecast. let me know ASAP

Wow! I have a Blackmagic ATEM switcher! Is there anywhere I can go to learn more about this or participate in any type of testing? Up until now, I’ve run the switcher with a second laptop and BoinxTV on the main production machine. Being able to hotkey the ATEM from within BoinxTV would be amazing!

Looking forward to further details!

Aww, really? Just dug down a bit and found out that the ATEM Switcher layer is an additional $99 fee. I understand that BoinxTV has to be profitable…but it’s still disapointing.


We have a change request. Why not to build in the ability to set up different Boinx chroma keys in dependence of the selected ATEM channel. The ATEM chroma key is very bad and on the ATEM TVS you only have one key for all channels - so you could combine the great functionality of both worlds. Switching with the ATEM TVS and do the chroma keying with boinx in dependence of the selected ATEM channel. I know that yould meen to set up different chroma keys for on input channel. But you could combine them with the selected ATEM channel. (This could also be a great basis for virtual studio sets.)

@Tsayer The Addon is available from http://boinx.com/boinxtv/buy/
@mtietje Please understand that we can’t give away additional features for 3rd party hardware that costs at least $900 for free

@importpartner I see how that makes sense. We need to check if the ATEM reacts frame accurate since we don’t want to signal the ATEM to switch, change the key and for a moment you’d have a different key for the same camera. It’s probably gonna work out of the box.
There is a workaround that will let you do this right now already:

  1. Switch to camera 1 in the ATEM
  2. right click the ATEM program camera source in the sources list and choose “Chroma key source” and set up your key.
  3. Switch to camera 2 in the ATEM
  4. right click the ATEM program camera source in the sources list again and choose “Chroma key source” a second time and set up your key. Now you have two chroma key sources.
  5. repeat with all cameras.
  6. assign the keyed cameras to a video switcher layer
  7. Assign the same keyboard shortcut (e.g ⌘+1) to Camera 1 in ATEM and to Camera 2 in the Video switcher (camera 2 since camera 1 is Layers Below).
  8. Assign the same keyboard shortcut (e.g ⌘+2) to Camera 2 in ATEM and to Camera 3 in the Video switcher (camera 3 since camera 1 is Layers Below).
  9. Repeat for other cameras.
  10. Now you can switch cameras and keyers simultaneously using keyboard shortcuts.

I do not want to waste my $99 so I want to know if this Addon will work right out of the box? http://boinx.com/boinxtv/buy/
@mtietje Please understand that we can’t give away additional features for 3rd party hardware that costs at least $900 for free

work with the Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K Live Switcher http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=964109&gclid=CKLlnJPx3sMCFUZffgoduAEAVw&Q=&is=REG&A=details

This is why we created a video that shows how the controller works: http://docs.boinxtv.com/control_a_blackmagic_design_atem_switcher_with_boinxtv

hi, my macbook pro have only one thunderbolt port, and 2 x usb 3.0 . it’s possible to use boinx with atem in my case? i have also one blackmagic intensity shuttle usb 3.

Yes you will you don’t have to feed the multiview to BoinxTV so using just one input for program is enough, A Shuttle USB 3 is also fine though.

thanks bastian. another question, can i run this setup?
atem program -> intensity usb 3.0 -> boinxtv
atem multiview -> avermedia extremecap u3 usb 3.0 ->boinxtv
boinxtv output via thunderbolt to hdmi cable in 1080i? (for external recording of boinxtv program).

I don’t know the Avermedia Box so I cant guarantee, but I guess this should work. you can only output using the HDMI port or a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. BoinxTV only runs in Progressive mode so we won’t play out Interlaced at the moment. Is there a specific reason you record externally instead of inside BoinxTV?

i want to record externally for backup. and also, i’m thinking to use the principal macbook pro (with boinxtv) only for switch and produce. and send the program out to another machine for backup recording and streaming.
so no problem progressive it’s also good:)
you say “BoinxTV only runs in Progressive mode”… but is this indipendent by the atem settings right? i can use atem in 1080i and work in boinx in 25p? right?

hmm, this is a good point. If you are feeding the 1080i50 signal into BoinxTV, it will not deinterlace it. so you will see interlacing artifacts in the signal.

many cameras works in 1080i in output… also dslr. i dont know if the monitor and program output of the atem can be modified.

just downloaded boinxtv trial. the sofware recognize INTENSITY SHUTTLE USB 3.0, but don’t deinterlace the 1080i signal from my PANASONIC 151.
and don’t recognize the AVERMEDIA EXTREMECAP U3 usb 3.0

the only solution to this is send program signal from atem in progressive mode, but… is possible to do that?

The Television Studio actually only supports 1080i

We are currently discussing how to solve this.

Hey Bastian…how about having the ATEM switcher control Boinx. I use Boinx as a source on my switcher to add lower thirds and other graphic items. Controlling from ATEM macro could be very useful,

I had to get a HDMI scaler from Atlona to get a workable resolution that wasn’t interlaced.