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  • HELP, My sports pack subscription has renewed but remains expired in my mimolive, I have a show tonight with sports layers used. Phone support could not help. Please Help Laurence +61433042326

    November 17
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=19DvunL0dxj2IqAclMXXCPoCElyLkRiNj

    I love Mimolive and i'm so proud of this software, However i was literally forced into using Wirecast because it's windos capture is soo much smoother on the setup i have. I use mimolive for sooo much and i playout through My BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle. For some strange reason wirecast setup is so much smoother than it is with mimolive and i hate (Wirecast, OBS, VMIX). These are what some of my affiliates use and we all agree that mimolive is soo much better with out the glitches. Window catpure in mimolive uses sooo muuch of my computer's resources that i just start Lagging-Freezing-Sticking. Please i beg you guys to please fix this. in 20 minutes My playout to My Intensity shuttle had 2158 Dropped frames. ah mean..... WHAT!!! What is going on. please help!! I need mimolive to work.

    August 24
  • Hi Oliver.
    Two main feature suggestions for future releases.
    1. Midi Mapping Mimo live? (Connect a midi Controller via USD to trigger controls) Mixemegency have done it so well and it is really awesome since it reduces your interaction with the laptop once you have programed you controls. see this example

    2.Can the layers be timed to be live and off at specific intervals. For instance if i want lower thirds, titles, sidebar adds etc to appear at intervals of lets say 5mins, 10mins, 20mins repeatedly without having to manually trigger.

    Looking forward to see this in future release, Mimo is the best.

    May 20
  • Hi Oliver I am trying to find out if istopmotion for Mac will work for me. I am running OS High Sierra 10.13. Many thanks David

    March 4
  • Hi Oliver,
    I was wondering if you had received a Newtek PTZ NDI Camera yet? As there is no current dedicated PTZ NDI controller and I find both the Newtek and Sienna software control awkward and cumbersome, having control like the PTZ optics layer would be a dream, but we know that.
    Whats more important is that I can not see the NDI output form the PTZ in Mimolive and was wondering if you have been able to test it out.



    February 25
    • Oliver (Boinx)
      Laurence, we are working on the NewTek NDI|HX camera as we speak. Should be available soon.

      I recently tested the camera with mimoLive and did not have any connection issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUK3EQXJZyU

      I would look for problems in the network (like the switch not passing multicast packets or DHCP/IP Number issues).

      Best regards,

  • Hello
    How to use webpresenter with gotomeeting 
    I have webpresenter I wanna use with gotomeeting 
    Advanced thanks

    November 2017
  • was hoping you would respond to last question on

    ' How do i import a GIF into FotoMagico '

    April 2017
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    April 2014
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    April 2013
  • Oliver (Boinx)
    Finally opening the forum to the public.
    April 2011
  • Welcome Aboard!
    April 2011