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  • Hello Bastian, we are using the ATEM Television Studio, i can not selct anything from this board as Source? Can you help me with this? The ATEMSoftwareControlPanel recognise my HDMI1 in without any Problems (Video and Audio via HDMI) Recording via switcher is working also... regards Doc

    April 2016
  • Krieg ich hierzu vielleicht nochmal kurz ein Feedback? Wäre sehr lieb :)

    April 2016
  • HI Bastion i trying to reach you on phone, how i can contatc wiht some one about costume layers and costume tamplates. ???

    July 2015
  • Hi bastian! I need something, but i think you're also missing an larger opportunity here. You see, when i go to a site like i have so many options for news lower thirds etc, but all of that is aimed towards FinalCut or AfterEffects - the question (and suggestion) is that I want these options in BoinxTV. So, one option would be to buy an effect in and then create a clip that has a green/chroma background but this is not ideal. The 2nd option would be to learn quartz but i dont have the time, or skills. Third would be to send you my design and ask you to create me a layer for BoinxTV - this is a good option. Yet, i think we need more layer options like you would have in and I am sure there are many users out there that will pay for these layers.
    May 2014
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    April 2014
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  • Bastian - I really need an answer to my problem about the audio being garbled at either the beginning or transition of songs. It only happens when I export to DVD. And it's only just started to happen - certainly since I upgraded my computer to Lion. I would appreciate your response please.
    July 2012
  • Thanks for the information. I have already a matrox card which I can split the screen with 3 projectors, take a look: ca My idea is to insert video like this (Wach out), take a second look: I have keynote and now I know that I can transfer by video, my question is: Which resolution will have?, My projectors are HD. Does it lose resolution? Because I work in expos I would like to send a signal in live (like the watchout video in you tube). Does it work your software for that? Thanks again
    October 2011
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    April 2011