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  • Hi Achim


    I' desperate here. I have a few slideshows I created in the past to show in big speeches I gave in photography events (they were created with Fotomagico 2(v. 3.8.8). I now have an iMac and macbook pro running Mac OS Mojave (v 10.14.3) and I can't open it. Fotomagico 2 does not open in my macs and I downloaded Fotomagico 5 but it does not open the old slideshow file (fotomagico 2) as well.

    I have a big event coming up where I wanted to show these slideshows.

    Help!!!! Is there any way to fix this?

    Thank you so much.

    March 26
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)

      I am sorry, but currently there is only the way of opening it with the old version in order to convert it to a higher version. Please can you zip the slideshow and upload it to a file sharing service of your choice so we can see, if we can convert it for you? (No promises thought)
  • Howdy,

    I saw a thread about scoreboard OCR where Oliver suggested contacting you to discuss it. Is there a way to do this currently? I have a basketball game on Jan 17th that I'd like to be able to shoot the score clock and have it convert to text live.

    December 2018
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      Hello Wygle,

      sorry for this late responds! Unfortunately currently we don't have a good solution for this. I implemented a rough version some years ago but didn't developed it further. So if you don't want to throw money at us I guess this won't happen till January.

      What about the solution to capture it with a video camera, deskew it with the Deskew filter which particularly was developed to make distorted scoreboards flat back to 2D? See documentation here:


  • HELP, My sports pack subscription has renewed but remains expired in my mimolive, I have a show tonight with sports layers used. Phone support could not help. Please Help Laurence +61433042326

    November 2018
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      Laurence, I am totally sorry for this trouble! Something went wrong in our database so that you was charged for the subscription, but no license was issued. I manually added the licenses to your account so if you start mimoLive it should automatically update the licenses. I added a week to the expire date of this one so we have planty of time the next subscription to see if it worked this time. Please can you check on 16/17th december if you subscription went right and if mimoLive received the correct subscription license for the sports graphics pack?

      (in case the license didn't made it to your mimoLive installation, here it is again for your reference:

      Product: mimoLive - Sports Graphics 1 Month
      Name: Laurence Winston
      License Key: *A 2781 AE82 98AE B72D 4B08 B753 35F7 9FF9 3006 EC99 56E9 DA56 C4E8*
      Valid Through: 12/23/2018
  • I downloaded the new beta but the audio in media file dosent follow the dissolve during transition?

    November 2018
  • Hi Achim I am trying to find out (which not much luck) if iStopmotion will work on my MacBook Pro that is running OS High Sierra 10.13.3. I have tried to find the answer online and in the support forum but no one answers unfortunately. I am wanting to buy your software but want to know if it will work first. Any information would be graefully received. Best wishes David

    March 2018
  • Hi Achim, how do I change the BACKGROUND when I make a movie out of several images - I dropped 8 pics in there, and all works great, except that the background is always just black when I export the m4v - how can I change that? THANKS

    February 2018
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      You can setup a Stage Color in the Slideshow Settings. Go to "Sideshow" menu, click on the "Settings" menu item to open the slideshow settings panel. Here you will find the "Stage Color" on the "Stage" tab.
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    February 2018
  • Hello Achim, I've sent the composition. waiting for your solution thanks you.



    July 2015
  • i am having trouble getting the live view feature on i-stopmotion. I don't know where the tool bar is that referenced on the message.
    November 2014
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      The "Tool bar" is located below the movie view in the window. Once you selected your camera in the top right corner you should be able to switch on the live view in the tool bar below the view area. What camera model are you using?
  • Kkw918
    I am having a terrible time getting my perfect slide show -well on my Mac - to play completely on tv. Plays first 3/4 fine and then nothing. Plays fine on computers. I have used iDVD. Toast. I have wasted ten DVDs. And of course funeral I'm using for is today. What could be happening? Thanks!!!!
    August 2014
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      @Kkw918: Before you burn DVDs I would recommend that you check the exported video file on your computer as well. "and then nothing" means "all the screen is black"? Are you using movies in your slideshow?
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    April 2014
  • hello achim, where are the raw files being stored? when I save the project file it is being saved as a quicktime on my computer. NOT as a folder of images, both compressed and raw. please advise. I will want to process out the hi res raw files and make sure that they are updated in istopmotion to get the highest resolution final export. Is this an option? I am a professional photographer and teaching a class on stop motion, and need to know how to tell students to do this vs a lower resolution output.
    April 2014
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      Hi, sorry for let you wait with my answer: The images are stored in raw format inside the QuickTime file. You can use the "Edit in external Editor..." feature for each single frame to let iStopMotion export a uncompressed file to a temp folder and open the editor (e.g. PhotoShop), once the external editor saves the file and you switch back to iStopMotion, the file gets reimported, still uncompressed. You can export all the images also uncompressed if you need to.
  • Hi, Have enjoyed using FotoMagico 4 on my iMac and Macbook Air. Last night on the Air, I saved a file using a different name. For some reason, the program was unable to locate the original files. It was late so I just tried to close the program. In doing so, FotoMagico froze, not only itself but the computer as well. It won't let me restart the computer because it requires me to quit FotoMagico first, but I can't do that because it's frozen. Any suggestions?
    February 2014
  • StewDentFilms
    Hello, how can I send you my string of Console errors when trying to enable a Twitter layer?
    December 2013
  • GeirArneMidtgaard
    How do I get retrieve my license FotoMagico 4 bought from App Store ? I cannot find the way to achieve it and get it into 4.4
    In these days it should be easy for you to se that the old version has license and making trouble for us with having to get license again :)
    December 2013
    • Achim (Boinx)
      Achim (Boinx)
      FotoMagico 4.4 isn't available through the MacApp-Store yet. Apple always need some time until they approve the app to be ok for the App Store. We are awaiting the approval within the next days. Once it is approved you should be able to update the app via the "App Store" app by Apple. Thank you for your patience!
    • RJG15
      How can I get some help? I have the most recent upgrade and cannot export as a mov file as I did in the past.... this new export feature doesn't seem to work..... I have called several times to support nobody replies and I am nearly my deadline....Help please 609-924-4520
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  • Need help. Posted this message last week with no response.
    I am using a white iMac running OSX 10.6.8.
    I purchased a Mini DVI to S-Video/AV Adapter. I plugged this into my tricaster unit (Video Input 1). There is not signal being received by my tricaster. No picture. Is this a known issue or could the Mini DVI Dongle be faulty?
    I have a mini dvi to vga output. That dongle does work, I have tested it. Is there a cost-effective way I can use the VGA dongle with a VGA cable and convert it to an S-Video or RCA signal?

    Please help. All setup at my school. If this works, we purchase the product.
    October 2012
  • ozlempoyrazoglu
    foto magico is taking too much tıme to create a vıdeo with music.. and ıt doesn't match to music.. what is the easy way to create proper vıdeo wıth musıc ??
    May 2012
  • ChavaLard
    February 2012
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    January 2012
  • Hi Achim, I am trying to help my son set up his new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T2i to use with iStopmotion (latest version). He is usong Mac OS 10.6.8. The software recognizes the camera. I get the "You need to manually update the preview by pressing the preview button in the transport area." message. When I do this, i get "Capturing an image failed because the operation timed out. Please check your device and it's connection to your Mac. If this doesn't help, try with a different one." I emailed with the screen image of the errors and received advice to make sure the camera was not going to sleep and/or try medium and small image file sizes which also did not help. Do you have any advice?
    December 2011
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    April 2011
  • Welcome Aboard!
    April 2011