Feature Request: Polls

Did a search and saw this topic come up on March 2017.
Wish it were at the top of the list. Terrific tool for live audience interactivity.
An integration with a 3rd party api like Survey Monkey might be best, keeping things platform agnostic. I stream to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously using a Epiphan Pearl Mini downstream of mimoLive/Blackmagic ATEM.


  • @"Danny Grizzle" Thanks for the feature request. Do you want a poll (one question with a few options) or a survey (many questions with lots of options)?

  • I don't see doing elaborate polls during live streaming, but 3 questions or so would be good. For instance, talking to an audience about log homes, we'd like to know:

    1) Where do you plan to build? (pick a U.S. state)
    2) Do you own land? Y/N
    3) What approach will you take? DIY, Self Contractor, or Turnkey

  • Polls would help make live streams more interactive, to influence the direction of the presenter.

    Sometimes, I think people use them in webinars just to keep the audience awake. When a presenter is working off a slide deck doing a canned presentation, pre-planned polls can be lame. But for live streams that have true experts on camera, polls can be very powerful. When I get rolling, my presenters have the expertise to go any direction and take any question. So a poll would definitely help tune the presentation to the specific needs of a live audience.

  • One useful implementation might be as a preshow activity, some way to link to an external survey system like Survey Monkey. That way, the presenter knows from the start who the audience is.

    Problem is, YouTube and Facebook are not going to support this, and there is nothing mimoLive can do inside a live video stream other than present a title containing a non-clickable URL and hope viewers will do it. These limitations of YouTube and Facebook are probably why I only see polls inside dedicated proprietary webinar environments.

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    These guys seem to be doing polls. Epiphan uses this product to "promote" posts to social media chat during their weekly live streams. I have not investigated mimoLive's social media layers yet, but I need similar capability.

    NewBlueFX Titler Live 4 Social

    Key feature: "Combine all your social media feeds into one to save time and easily interact with your audience on the fly."

  • @"Danny Grizzle" mimoLive has a lot of social functionality built in: Get the comments from YouTube and Facebook pages, display likes count and reactions, Twitter, Twitch chat and more. If you're missing anything, let me know!

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