How to customize control layout

I've created a custom scoreboard layer in Quartz Composer and was able to create buttons for it in mimoLive. However, I can't figure out how to display a title in front of one or more buttons like for example in the Basketball Scoreboard layer

To clarify, the Basketball Scoreboard has buttons e.g. H 1, H 2 and H 3 but before these buttons there is a text "Home:". I can show similar buttons in my own custom scoreboard but how do I add or display that text there??


  • I found the answer myself. You need to add a property (under Editor -> Edit Information) with the name tv_InputLabel_<InputName> where <InputName> is the name of the input control where you want to insert the title in front of. E.g.: tv_InputLabel_tvGroup_Content__My_Button_TypeSignal

  • @eMilty I'm glad to hear you were able to work it out. We're curious to see the result. Can you share a video?

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