Where do I find the 'Media File Source settings popup'

Hi Boinx,

I found this:
New in 4.6: Media File Source settings popup allows selection of a playback region as well as previewing movie files and audio files.

I haven't found this option. Am I looking at the wrong places?



  • Does no one know where to find this popup?

  • @hpopp If you happen to have a movie source in your source repository of your mimoLive document you need to expand it in order to see a little action gear in the lower right corner of the movie preview image. This action gear will open up the mentioned playback region settings popover. Does this work for you?

  • Hi Achim, sorry, I was blind. I used a video with nearly the same color at the first frame and there the action gear wasn't clearly present as an overlay. I tried to find the function by right click or double click on the area.
    Thank you for your patience.

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