"Export Your Recording" Taking Forever

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I recorded a 2 hour graduation yesterday. 32% of the memory used most of the time. i finished adding a lower thrid and then the memory usage went to 800%+. BoinxTV freezes, regains control, then freezes once again. It regains control, and in fear that I would loose the whole graduation, i stopped the video and began to export it. Export started at 9:30PM on Sunday Evening. (May 6th 2012) The video is still exporting!...16 Hours Later. 1:30PM Monday Afternoon. (May 7th 2012) It's only about 5% complete right now. At this rate, it could take a week just to export the video. I'm exporting it at web quality (320x???)

(MBP 15" 8GB mem Dec 2011 model)


  • My suggestion, cancel exporting and reboot. Maybe the RAM is full. It seems like something went really wrong so that would be a good idea.
    Just to make sure: You don't have to export after a recording. There uncompressed recording will always be in your destination folder (Most likely the movies folder), you can re-export it any time by opening BoinxTV and going to File > Export recording or use any other video converter that can read QuickTime AIC movies.
  • Bastian (Boinx) Your a saint! God bless You!
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