Adding several images

I'm in the process of making an AV and am not able to add more than 5 images to a slide??? A friend tells me he can do it on his program. Is there somewhere in preferences or similar I may have ticked a box inadvertently? Many thanks


  • The maximum number of "layers" for a slide is SIX -- that also includes Title layers. Not sure where the "5 images to a slide came from" -- it has been six for quite some time. There is a workaround, of course, but it's kinda cheesy -- you can "build" a single slide in something like Photoshop where all of your images reside as a single .jpeg file, and then import that as a single layer. It won't allow animation of any particular image that makes up the slide, of course, but it is an option.

    I wish Boinx would increase the number of layers on a slide to something larger -- like 10? 20? It might be a memory and/or timing problem during playback. That I don't know...

  • Thankyou. My incorrect language - apologies. This is helpful - appreciate.

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