Mojave support?

I love Mousepose and would love to keep using it...will it be getting an update for Mojave? Currently it's working for me, but I keep getting system warnings that "This app won't work with future versions of MacOS". What plans?


  • @"Katherine Livick" Thanks for expressing your love for Mouseposé! We do love it too and therefore we have re-written the app! We are going start a beta program shortly.

  • Thanks Achim! Glad to hear it.

  • Hello Mouseposé is not working at all on Mojave 10.14.2. Problems I experience include:
    - highlighter will not follow the mouse
    - mouse click freezes in location and will not undo

    When will Mojave be supported and how to download the update?

    Please confirm.

  • Please, please Boinx ... make an update. It's essential in my workflow of making screencasts. Thank you!

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