MiMo need to setup account everytime

Hello everyone ! It's been a while !

I've a little problem since 2 or 3 updates. Everytime I start mimo and open a document (not try with a new one but I don't want to recreate my show everytimes), my accounts preferences are empty ... So everytime I need to login to Twitch and Twitter (don't try with others).

I can of course stream etc... but It's a little bit boring to do that everytime, am I the only one ?

Thanks !


  • @DaBv Good to hear from you! Thanks for your continued support.

    This is absolutely not as it should be. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. However, we have no reasonable explanation for this. Are you opening the same document every time? Do you save the document after you've re-added the accounts?

    Can you please send the document that causes this to support@boinx.com (if it is too large, try WeTransfer.com)

  • Hello @DaBv . Thank you for using mimoLive and for the valuable feedback.

    We are trying to reproduce the issue in order to repair it as soon as possible.

    Could you give us more details.

    Valuable information would be:
    - Feedback on the questions made by @"Oliver (Boinx)" .
    - Which macOS version are you using?
    - On which Mac hardware did you have the issue?
    - In which version of mimoLive did you began to experience the mentioned issue?

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    Hi all !

    Okay so I'll try to give you more informations :
    - It's not in one docment, it's in every document, new / open / converted from old mimo versions
    - I've tried to setup account, save ... but still have to setup the next time I open MiMo

    For the others questions, it's funny because it's exactly what I wanted to say to you so :
    I'm using MiMo 5.0 on a Mac 1.1 (don't have better :cry: ) running on El Capitan, and I'm pretty sure, because no one else seems to have the same issue, the issue came on this.

    But I can't update to OSX 10.12, because it's use instructions set on processor that is not supported by old proc/motherboards :(

    Edit : Oh and if I'm good, I've this issue till version 4.3

  • @DaBv

    1. Please can you be clear about the versions you are using? (mimoLive 5 isn't out yet, we currently at 4.5 and Mac 1.1 isn't a Mac hardware known to me, do you mean Mac Pro 1.1)

    2. Since we are storing the account information in the macOS Key Chain, please can you check if there is any system console output regarding accessing the key chain from mimoLive the moment you save the accounts?

    3. Please can you check if the account data is stored in your Key Chain? (Here is the documentation where to find it: https://docs.mimo.live/docs/accounts#section-security-and-privacy )

  • Oh god ... was I drunk ?

    Yeah I want to say MiMo 4.5 and Mac Pro 1.1 ^^

    So ... I've open the Key Chain, seeing the comb.boinx data, I've delete it, open MiMo, setup accounts, save the doc, close MiMo aaaaand ... nothing, still nothing when re-open :(

    I'm not sure to have understand your second recommandation, do you want I check in process if one is accessing to the data Key chain ?

    Many thanks Achim ! Have a good day !

  • @DaBv Thanks for the infos!

    The second recommendation is to check if mimoLive spits out some error messages while trying to save the accounts to the Key Chain. If you run the "Console" app by Apple and put in "mimoLive" into the search field you may catch an error message in the moment mimoLive receives the "OK" from the login pages of the online service.

    You may need to reset mimoLive to its factory defaults. You can do so by selecting the "Reset mimoLive ..." menu item of the Help menu in mimoLive.

    Please report back your result!

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