FotoMagico 5.6.4

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FotoMagico 5.6.4

macOS Mojave seems to keep throwing curve balls, but we're hitting some with this latest release. For example, the French and German localisations displayed a bright line across the screen and some menu items weren't properly translated. All fixed!

If you got FotoMagico from the Mac App Store, download the update from the "Updates" tab. If you got FotoMagico from our FastSpring store or as part of a bundle, download here:

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  • Thanks for the update. The timeline marker within the audio assistant is, however, still black in dark mode. Would be great, if you could change that to white, because otherwise it's barely visible. Thx.
  • Its not possible the new version FotoMagico 5 Pro loading??? I had wrote some assistant - nobody can helps! My questions: how can I find the UPRADE PRO ???
  • The audio is no longer ducking when I play a movie clip. It used to do that....do you need another fix?
  • I'm working on the version 5.6.2 my OS is 10.13.6 I made the update 5.6.3 and I do not get any more photos of Lightroom. I delivered 5.6.2 and everything is OK ... Why? Thank you
  • @birnbuazn Bug confirmed. We are looking into it. Thanks for reporting! :-)

  • @Evita After you emailed our support, were you able to download the current version? Please check the download page here: https://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico/versionhistory/

  • @joycesoucy Please can you provide a sample slideshow which demonstrate the issue?

  • @Pastou Lightroom changed its behaviour and its currently only possible for FotoMagico to access the images if you run Lightroom in the background. Please launch Lightroom first, then start FotoMagico. We added a warning to FotoMagico in the image browser in the latest version 5.6.4 to remind you of this behaviour. Sorry for this inconvenience!

  • FotoMagic 5 will not save my Projects - using Mac OS Mojave.
    I have the latest version of FotoMagico 5.5
    Anyone have a fix?

  • I've just updated to the latest version of Fotomagico 5 and can no longer see images from Photos (my OS is Mojave). I have removed the software using Appcleaner and reinstalled 3 times, but still have the same issue. Any suggestions for how to fix this issue?
  • @BillE Is there any error message you get when trying to save your document? Does this happen to new projects, too?

  • @MJ Please can you try to add the root folder where you Photos library is stored manually to the image browser in FotoMagico? This way you are granting access to that folder to FotoMagico. Hopefully it will be able to read the images after a restart of the app.

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