Very high "Current Upload" in Stream Status

I have noticed at many occasions that the Current Upload is crazy high, peaking over 100 Mbit/s in some cases. Why doesn't the Live Streaming limit and honor the maximum upload to the same amount as the Streaming Setting i.e 5000 kBit/s - in my case? Can I somehow use CBR encoding instead of this out of control VBR encoding/streaming)?


  • The maximum streaming rate is a "hint" to the video encoder to generate not more than e.g. 5000 kBits/sec. Currently we only support H264 encoding with varying bit rate (VBR). However if then encoder can't meet this maximum for any reason (e.g. the frame size is too big or the frame rate is too high) then it may generate more data than this. Please monitor the "Actual Output" value in the Encoder section of the Live Streaming output destination stats while streaming because this is the data rate the encoder produces.

    However this doesn't need to correlate to the "Current Upload" peaking because the encoder may still generate a constant bit rate well under the maximum bit rate while your internet connection may vary in bandwidth over time. (Please take in account that the bandwidth is not only from your computer to your ISP but from your computer all the way to your streaming host).

    Please check if the "Actual Output" value of the encoder meets your expectations. If so you may need to check your internet connection from your computer through to your streaming host to see if there is a problem here.

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