Free playhead positioning (without snapping to start/end of an image/video)

I’d like to be able to freely position the playhead on the timeline (like near the end of a say, 30s long image or movie) and play from there to check on the transition to the next in real time.

Currently, when moving the playhead (scrubbing), I can see a preview, but as soon as I let go of the playhead position marker, it jumps (snaps to) either back to the beginning of that image or to its end.

Having to wait for play-through of the whole image (25 seconds!) just to check on its transition to the next is extremely time-consuming during development of a presentation.


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    To check the transition I could also imagine a "preview-playback" mode where the playback starts e.g. 3s before the beginning of a slide when you hit play. This would be a great timesaver when working on a show.

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