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Does mimoLive support BM ultrastudio mini HD for key & fill play out, to using it with ATEM TV STUDIO ?


  • @"Sanchez MP" Thank you for considering mimoLive. According to the tech specs published by Blackmagic, the UltraStudio HD Mini should work with key & fill playout for 1080p. mimoLive supports all Blackmagic devices through the BMD SDK. For key & fill to work, the device needs two playout channels that are synched in the device which is the case for the UltraStudio HD Mini.

  • If you want to use a thunderbolt enclosure with some decklink pci card, be advised: the original decklink duo does not have synchronous outputs.
    BTW, the decklink duo 2 one, does have...

  • Thanks for your answers, my plans to using it with macbook pro (2017) via thunderbolt 3

  • I'm confused. I was just told that the Ultrastudio Mini would NOT work and that I'd need to use 4K. I want a key/fill. So CAN I USE the MINI?

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    @lorcott If you're referring to the "UltraStudio Mini Monitor", it will not work with Key/Fill as it only has one output channel. You need a device that provides 2 SDI output channels. The "UltraStudio HD Mini" does support 2 SDI outputs at 3Gb/s so you should be able to do 1080p60 with key and fill.

  • thanks for the clarification

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