Streaming stopped after about 4 hours?

Two days in a row my streaming has stopped after about 4 h 30 minutes. No indication from "Live Streaming" window. Everything seems normal. Is there a setting in MimoLive, is it a bug, is there an issue with my streamingprovider? Any ideas?


  • @Erik Thank you for using mimoLive. Some providers impose a time limit on the stream. If it stops after the same time every time, this is an indicator of such a limit. What provider were you streaming to?

  • It is Screen9.com, and after contact with their technical support they suspect it's my application (i.e. MimoLive). They can see in their log files that the "DTS-time" (an internal time stamp in the stream) "exceeds 24 bits exactly when the streaming stops". I have no clue what that means, but it stops the stream for the viewers, for sure. The solution both times was to click "Stop Show" and then "Start Show" again.

    I have been recommended to test to stream via another CDN, for example YouTube, and I will have a go tomorrow, and come back with my findings.

    Can you guys confirm that there is no "kill switch" time limit setting in MimoLive that I have missed. I doesn't make sense, but I need to ask.

  • @Erik Indeed the Screen9.com tech support feedback sort of makes sense, although the limit should be way beyond 4 hours. As a workaround, what frame rate are you streaming? You can try to reduce that to get a longer time for the same amount of frames.

    Although there is no time limit in mimoLive, the way RTMP streaming works may be imposing a limit. mimoLive handles this correctly with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other platforms where you can stream a whole day without this issue.

    Screen9.com seems to be an exception. Can you give me their contact and we will try to resolve this with them.

  • I was streaming 720p25 2,5 Mbit/s first day, and then increased to 4,0 Mbit/s. Their support contact is: customersupport@screen9.com

  • @Eric The support at screen9 helped to solve the issue. In the upcoming version mimoLive will be able to stream to screen9 as long as you wish! :-)

    It was the same issue with Twitch so this is solved too.

    Thanks for reporting!

  • Thanks! This is then fixed in the latest version 4.3.1 (26329), so I understand it correctly.

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