Positioning playhead & playing from current position


how do I position the playhead on the timeline (like near the end of a say, 30s long image) and play from there to check on the transition to the next in real time?

When moving the playhead (scrubbing), I can see a preview, but as soon as I let go of the play position marker, it jumps either back to the beginning of that image or to the end.

How can I position the playhead, then hit space to preview from there? Having to wait for play-through of the whole image (25 seconds) just to check on its transition to the next is very time-consuming (and annoying :-)).



  • Make sure your presentation is STOPPED -- NOT in the "Pause" mode, but actually stopped. I think that might be your problem. (Make sure you click on the "Stop" button -- the solid square one -- and not the Pause button -- the "double-up" rectangles -- standard icons for STOP and Pause.) Then drag the Timeline slider to where you want to start checking. If you want to check out the transition INTO the slide you're curious about, then click on the slide BEFORE the one where the transition occurs. I tend to click on the small area ABOVE the slide layers (in that narrow strip that shows the time count on the left and the slide duration on the right). It will highlight, and all the layers on that slide will be selected. Then press the SPACE key or click on the RIGHT ARROW to play from there. Again, if you want to check out another location, STOP the presentation FIRST, then repeat.

    That should do it...

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