Nikon D40 timing out

edited April 2012 in iStopMotion for Mac
Like many others, I am having an error where iStopMotion is timing out when taking a picture with my D40. I have successfully used this software in the past with my students, have the camera set to PTP, and have tried it with and without a memory card, to no avail. Downloading the beta didn't help either. Is this product still supported? I see threads about this issue from many months ago. Will there be a fix in the near future?




  • The problem is a software framework by Apple which we are asking to capture a frame for us. This framework has changed a lot even so that Apple products temporarily where affected by this issue. The issue was mostly reported by users with MacOS 10.6.8. What MacOS version are you using?
  • OS 10.6.8
  • Can you update to 10.7? I am convinced that this will solve the issue.
  • Hmmm... $30 more dollars for Lion and almost no features that I want (except maybe Launcher). Plus, Mountain Lion comes out in a few months... Just wish it would work! :)
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