What are the different streaming servers for Twitch.tv?

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What are the different streaming servers for Twitch.tv?

Please find the list with all servers below. Pick the server closest to you for best performance. **Location:** EU: Amsterdam, NL **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-ams.twitch.tv/app **Location:** EU: Stockholm, SE **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-arn.justin.tv/app **Location:** EU: Paris, FR **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-cdg.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US Central: Dallas, TX **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-dfw.twitch.tv/app **Location:** South America: Argentina **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-eze.twitch.tv/app **Location:** EU: Frankfurt, Germany **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-fra.twitch.tv/app **Location:** South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-gig.twitch.tv/app **Location:** South America: Sao Paulo, Brazil **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-gru.twitch.tv/app **Location:** Asia: Hong Kong **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-hkg.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US East: Ashburn, VA **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-iad.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US East: New York, NY **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-jfk-2.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US East: New York, NY **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-jfk.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US West: Los Angeles, CA **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-lax.twitch.tv/app **Location:** EU: London, UK **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-lhr.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US East: Miami, FL **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-mia.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US East: Chicago **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-ord.twitch.tv/app **Location:** EU: Prague, CZ **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-prg.twitch.tv/app **Location:** South America: Chile **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-scl.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US West: Seattle,WA **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-sea.twitch.tv/app **Location:** Asia: Seoul, South Korea **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-sel.twitch.tv/app **Location:** Asia: Singapore **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-sin.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US West: San Jose,CA **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-sjc.twitch.tv/app **Location:** Australia: Sydney **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-syd.twitch.tv/app **Location:** Asia: Taipei, Taiwan **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-tpe.twitch.tv/app **Location:** Asia: Tokyo, Japan **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-tyo.twitch.tv/app **Location:** EU: Warsaw, Poland **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live-waw.twitch.tv/app **Location:** US West: San Francisco, CA **RTMP URL:** rtmp://live.twitch.tv/app

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  • How do i change my server on the twitch app?

  • It isn't for streaming, but i find that whenever i join a call in twitch i get connected to United States, Virginia. I live in New Zealand. I was just wondering how i could change it to reduce the lag.

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