Sequential data source

Hi - we're getting ready to stream a graduation ceremony. We've been asked to have the name of the graduate appear in a lower-third as they receive their diploma.

Is there any slick way to run through a list of names (manual toggle is ok) without having to create 100+ layer variants by hand? Ideally, there would be a data input box (like the score layers) where the list could be pasted, and then you toggle between lines.

Assuming this is more custom layer territory, but doesn't hurt to ask.... :)



  • @Sheldon Thanks for using mimoLive! This is a very interesting requirement that hasn't occurred to us yet. How long before the ceremony?

  • I do something like that with xml importer! When i change the index i change the lines! I can share with you want! Or can help with the quartz composer to you make your composition!

  • @"Oliver (Boinx)" this specific use case may not have occurred to you before but I have requested on several occasions to add functionality where text fields can be filled from reading an xml file...

  • @chrisis If I understood your requests correctly, you wanted to do something different from Sheldon in that you wanted to edit the XML files (or have them updated by a script) and have the content in mimoLive updated when the file changed?

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