Istopmotion and High Sierra 10.13.3

Does anyone know if iStopmotion will work with High Sierra 10.13.3 or anyone out there is using the program with High Sierra as I am wanting to buy the software for an upcoming job but can't find out if it will work. Many thanks


  • Can anyone from Boinx answer my question please?

  • Yes, iStopMotion runs on macOS 10.13 High Sierra. To make sure everything works as you expect you can download the free trail from our website here:


    If you are going to shoot with a Canon DSL you may need to remove the SD card because there is an Apple bug that causes iStopMotion to crash when you try to capture an image.

  • Thanks for that Achim

    Was planning on using either my canon 5D MK3 or my Sony A7S2.

    The link takes me to the latest software version but not the trial version, cheers

  • Hi Achim have tried numerous times this morning and when I select my camera from the list it says it cannot create a preview then crashes. Not sure why this is happening. Any ideas?

  • @DTMCamera Just download the latest version. It works as a trial if you do not enter a license key.

  • @DTMCamera Please send me the crashlog via DM. Without it its hard to tell whats going on.

  • I can confirm: remove the SD card with High Sierra and it works fine. Using Canon Rebel.

  • @Alden Thanks for confirming this.

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