MIMO Call issues

Done a couple of interviews the last 2 days, and when the guest shares their screen, it is REALLY slow, like 3-040 seconds before their screen appears. When they close that to go back to themselves on camera, the video freezes on the screen share. I can hear the guest, but not see them unless the end the MIMO Call and re-join.

Before yesterday, it always worked fine.

  1. of the calls was on 3.2.1 the other was on 4.0b4


  • Oh, and the guests the last few days have also complained of hearing their own voice back a second later (yes both sides were using headphones)

  • @"Ray Lane" Thanks for reporting this! I'm sorry to hear about the troubles. Are they independent of which version you are using?

  • Yes, Seems to happen no matter which version. Today I used 3.2.1, and had the same issue

  • Just did another interview and had to switch to Skype due to the echo issue

  • @"Ray Lane" The echo issue is a problem inside the document. Please try the following: Open the document with mimoLive 4.0b5, save it, close it and reopen it. Then the echo should be gone.

  • That solved the echo!
    Haven't tested the screen share issue yet

  • hello, same thing happened with me

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