No Audio Monitor Option

I m playing with 4.0b4, and I don't have any way to monitor sound. Under the 'Audio Monitor' setting, the only option is 'No Device'. MIMO 3.2 works fine. Any ideas?


  • Hi Ray, can you please post a screenshot?

  • @"Ray Lane" Does this occur with converted documents or with newly created documents as well?

  • Definitely converted.... haven't created a new one. Let mew do that now

  • New documents seem to be OK

  • @"Ray Lane" This is good and bad news to me since this was a bug up to 4.0b2 or so and should have been fixed by now. Would you mind sending me the offending document via DM?

  • Sent that over. Did you receive it?

  • @"Ray Lane" Yes, I received it! Thanks for bumping the thread, the forum didn't notify me, and also thanks for your support. I will look into it.

  • Created a new template in 4.x and that did work fine

  • @"Ray Lane" If you want to continue to use the converted document you should be able to work around the bug by creating a new audio output destination. I just tested this with your document and the newest beta 4.0b5. With 4.0b4 this should work, too. The faulty audio output destination can be deleted.

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