Feature Request - Support for Elgato Stream Deck USB Switcher

One of my biggest issues with MimoLive right now is the fact that I can't switch between layers while I'm focused in another program (i.e. clicking through a website on Safari).

Currently, what I do now is use my numpad to switch but this is a very janky solution as other keys are hard binded in Mimo, like + and - keys.

Please add support for:

  1. global hotkeys, to allow me to switch layers while MimoLive is in the background
  2. USB switchers

Thanks, hope to hear back from you guys.


  • @Blackjack Thank you for using mimoLive and for letting us know your feature wishes.

    Have you tried the Remote Control Surfaces? The work even when mimoLive is in the background.

  • @Blackjack you can solve this issue by installing Keyboard Maestro, which allows you to set up hotkey macros that are global. When you create your MimoLive macros, set them up with two actions. The first action is to activate MimoLive, the second action is to press the MimoLive hotkey assigned to the layer.

    You can view an example here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/es9yxda53zijaze/Screenshot 2018-02-14 12.47.28.png?dl=0

    • Keyboard Maesto has been assigned ctrl-option-shift-command-D
    • Action 1: activate Mimolive
    • Action 2: Simulate keystroke Control-O

    I have assigned the ctrl-option-shift-command-D to an elgato streamdeck key, so now when I hit it it activates ML and then activates my layer there.

    You can add multiple actions to keyboard maestro so if you have a sequence of layers to make live or deactivate, you can add them all to a single Streamdeck keypress. You can even add pauses between keypresses...

  • That said @"Oliver (Boinx)" it would be useful to add streamdeck support to MimoLive. Applications such as xsplit and OBS have support for the streamdeck which allows the streamdeck buttons to display different things based on the state of scenes in Xsplit. So for example the button displays one image when a scene is active, and another image when the scene is deactivated. It would be extremely useful to have my streamdeck aware of the state of a layer it is bound to so that I don't have to look at MimoLive to see if it is Live or not, I can just see it on my Streamdeck.

  • @chrisis As of my last inquiry to Elgato regarding the Streamdeck they had to provide the support. I will contact them again to see if they would allow us to do it.

  • @chrisis We just learned that the Elgato StreamDeck can already be used with mimoLive if you assign hotkeys to the buttons. It is not as flexible and interactive as the Remote Control Surface, but it has tactile feedback.

  • @"Oliver (Boinx)" I'm aware of its use with hotkeys - see my reply to Blackjack, above.

    The problem is the hotkey solution is more of a hack. The deck is not aware of whether a layer is live or not.

  • @chrisis Hey there! I extensively use Keyboard Maestro with custom made OSC remote controllers (designed using Hexag OSC Editor, running on the iPad using TouchOSC and connected to the iMac using OSCulator via wifi). Just guessing: would Keyboard Maestro be able to connect to StreamDeck? If so, you could use variables within Keyboard Maestro to store a layer's live state. Cheers

  • has any other progress been made for Streamdeck? only asking because its been a few months and i already have it, so i would love to see it get more support

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