mimoLive 3.0b1: NDI™ in and out!

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mimoLive 3.0b1: NDI™ in and out!

NDI™ by NewTek promises to usher in a new era in video production by taking the video signal to IP making it easier than ever to connect video sources over Ethernet.

In mimoLive 3.0b1, you can add NDI video sources from your local network and play out your mimoLive document via NDI to other apps and devices supporting NDI ingest. You can use mimoLive either as a very powerful NDI mixer or as a graphics generator for your NDI workflow.

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  • Qual o arquivo ou soft devo baixar para iniciar a saida de video do mimolive

  • Does it work with the new MevoPlus?

  • @"Johan Visser" I am sorry, but the Mevo products are currently not supported.

  • Looks like the guys that created TCPSyphon are also supporting NDI, including a Syphon to NDI converter. Some of their apps are free, and they have a few ios solutions too. Useful stuff for the MiMoverse – allows you to stream video from one computer to another over your network. They have a Spout to NDI for PC, too.


  • I was trying to use a NDI app to show websites but I can’t make it work. Does NDI work with personal licenses?

  • @joshsroka It will in the next version.

  • @wetcircuit Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • Can I play out over NDI as opposed to playing out over HDMI? I need my final signal as HDSDI. What devices are supported?

  • @lorcott Yes, you can play out via NDI if you want. To get an HD SDI signal, you can use any Blackmagic Design device that connects to your Mac and provides HD SDI out.

    You can also play out over HDMI and use an HDMI to SDI converter.

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    can you name a few BMD models that work? We need to keep costs at a minimum. And also please confirm that this bypasses the internal mac graphics card?

  • @lorcott The internal mac graphics card is responsible for rendering the video. The BMD device will simply output the video frames created by the graphics card to SDI.

    The BMD models that work are listed for example in the PDF document on using mimoLive with a BMD ATEM switcher: https://boinx.com/media/mimoLive4ATEM.pdf

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    @"Oliver (Boinx)", you had indicated that NDI will work for personal license users in the next version of mimoLive and I'm very happy to hear that. Do you have an ETA on this release? Is it possible to sample it with the beta program now?

  • @alternativeplan Any day now... You can use the latest beta also.

  • Will NDI work for personal license in 4.0 beta?

  • @"Jason Lee" Yes. Moving forward, NDI will work on all license levels.

  • @"Oliver (Boinx)" Ive not been able to receive my Newtek NDI PTZ camera signal into Mimolive, Sienna NDI have a page on NDIHX support [http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/ndihxsupport.html], I am assuming this has something to do with it, maybe, can you shed any light on the issue and if a resolve may be possible. Thanks.

  • I paid and downloaded the NDI app for android but it doesn't show up in Mimolive, I thought this works for android???

  • @Ernst Thanks for using mimoLive. I'm sorry to hear about the troubles. Are you using the NewTek NDI App on Android? Of course, the connection between mimoLive and the NDI Android app should work.

    In many cases where there are issues with connectivity to NDI apps, the Wifi network does not allow for NDI packets to be transmitted properly. Maybe your router has blocked multicasting or generally connecting to other local hosts. To rule out that it is not an issue with mimoLive, please use the NewTek NDI Tools on your Mac to see if you can connect from the Android app to there.

  • @winnie I'm sorry to hear of the problems. I have a NewTek NDI|HX PTZ camera here and it works great. We are currently working on implementing PTZ control from mimoLive. We did have issues with the camera under poor network conditions such as very old Switches with just 10 Mbps.

  • @Oliver (Boinx), Very happy to hear you are working on that control layer, It can come soon enough. As far as my issue with not being able to see the NDI video within Mimo I am hoping you . may have some suggestion as to why. My network is all running at 1000 Mbps. I can see images on NDI Monitor I can see images on multiple other devices but Mimo will not pick up the NDI signal from the PTZ1. Thankfully at the present I only use the NDI for monitoring and only use HDSDI for any TX, but it would be really useful when the control layer comes online.

  • @winnie If the NDI Monitor sees the video, mimoLive should as well. Can you post a screen shot with the NDI source?

  • @winnie Is it possible you haven’t installed the NDI HX driver for the PTZ-1? Sienna's NDI Monitor comes with its own copy of the driver preinstalled but mimoLive (and most other software) still require you to install the driver system-wide: https://de.newtek.com/ndihx/products/ptz1/

  • I'm having trouble getting video from an iPad Air2 running the newest iOS (using the NDI Camera app) to my iMac (OS 10.12.6) running Mimo 3.2.1

    The iPad shows up in the Mimo software and a green box frames the video on the iPad device, but still no video. I tried using the in-house wireless, as well as set up a private network using an Apple Airport Basestation.



  • @TomD The NewTek NDI camera app only sends video and audio when the record button was tapped and turned red. It may be confusing but NDI knows about connection states and tally lights without actually sending any media data. Therefore the green frame indicates that the NDI camera app is on preview in mimoLive. It will turn red if it is on program. It will turn blue if it is connected to mimoLive but neither on preview nor on program. This will happen regardless of whether the NDI camera app actually sends video and audio or not. Long story short: Did you tap the record button? :smile:

  • Beni....forget it. I have a lowly Education (read Private) license...it won't work.

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    @TomD NDI is available with all license types from mimoLive 4.0 which will be released ... today. :wink:

  • Yesssss!

  • ...and thank you!

  • @TomD You're welcome. Let us know in case the issue persists. BTW here's our blog post with a link to the launch live stream for mimoLive 4.

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