FotoMagico 5.5 ready for macOS High Sierra

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FotoMagico 5.5 ready for macOS High Sierra

High Sierra adds a lot of interesting features, especially for photography. FotoMagico 5.5 is taking advantage of some of those features, most notably exporting to the new HEVC (h.265) format. Here is the full list of updates:

  • FotoMagico 5.5 is compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Support for exporting to new iOS devices and HEVC codec has been added.
  • Pressing the option key while dragging a music snippet to the Storyboard now suppresses the automatic syncing with audio markers.
  • Applying shadows to text layers is now more reliable. In addition the "More…" popover in Title Options has been improved.
  • Slide numbers are now correct after re-arranging slides in the Storyboard.
  • Double clicking on zoom jogwheel to reset to default value is now more reliable.
  • Fixed a potential crash on some computers when opening documents on macOS 10.13.
  • Various stability improvements and small fixes.

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  • Can't download the latest update (5.5) as I get an error message.

  • I just updated on a Mac with OSSierra. When I add titles to a frame and try to reposition the title, the entire frame moves. The title is locked to the frame. It seems each update brings new glitches.

  • Finished 20 min slideshow with FM but when rendered required 57 GB disc space. Could probably make a Hollywood movie with that! Any suggestions please?

  • @Charles Sorry to hear that you have this issue. What version of FotoMagico are you using? Have you tried 5.5.1?

  • @Ted You are making a Hollywood movie! ;-) The disk space needed for the rendered movie depends on the encoding setting used. This can easily be optimized by using h.264 and the proper settings for resolution, frame rate and encoding profile. Can you post a screenshot of the export settings you are using and I can make specific recommendations.

  • After updating to High Sierra several snippets are not working properly especially in Titles and Credits. All layers are misaligned and difficult to fix. Using version 5.5.1

  • I'm using the latest version of FM, just upgraded it a couple of days ago.

  • I also use High Sierra and FM version 5.5.1, and since then I can't use 'Add Titles' any more. The function does all sorts of things, except the actions I want.

  • Have 136 pics in time line and need to re-arrange the order of the pics. Can't find the drop down to allow me to sort or to placentae pics in na different order. i have used this feature in previous versions but can't find it in 5-5

  • Title placement is still not working properly. I can make a number of title additions to several frames, then without warning titles are unable to be re-positioned without moving the entire frame. Then after a long period something in the software times out and adjustments are again possible for a few frames, then the lock up repeats itself. It seems that every new release cures one set of problems and introduces new ones. I don't have these types ongoing, unresolved issues with Photoshop or Premiere.

  • @Charles @Petey @Kappie @joewp Thank you for reporting those issues. Engineering is working hard on an update to be released this week which should fix those issues. Thank you for your patience.

  • Just started with FotoMagico. I'm at latest OSX and FM5.5.x (AppStore) Level,
    have activated to load LIGHTROOM Catalog in Pref's, restarted FM,
    but cannot see my Pictures/Movies anywhere!
    What's wrong, FotoMagico or me ?

  • @richi Which Lightroom version are you using? Customers report that the CC 2018 version catalog doesn't show up in FotoMagico. We are investigating the issue and will release a fix as soon as possible. Please make sure you are using 5.5.2 which has just become available on the Mac App Store.

  • Hi, I have Lightroom CLASSIC 7.0.1, along with latest FM 5.5.2.

  • Same issue here with not loading LR libraries (LR Classic 7.0.1 with FM 5.5.2), not even Photos library is loading (Photos 3.0). Running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. Hope the fix does not take too long.

  • FotoMagico 5.5.2 läuft nicht mit High Sierra 10.13.2 Beta (17C67b). Absturz und automatischer Computerneustart bei Laden einer Show bzw. bei Aufrufen "neue Diashow".

  • No snippets with the new 5.5

  • Same issue, running OSX 10.13.1, just installed FM 5.5.2 today and using LR Classic CC 7.0.1.
    Note that my LR libraries(I have more than one) are on a external hard drive.
    LR library not loading in FotoMagico.
    Only the Aperture library that I do not use anymore, loads and shows up.
    Fotomagico5 purchased from Boinx not the App Store.

  • Exactly the same issue and setup as Paq_Den. Running running OSX 10.13.1, Fotomagico Pro 5.5.2 and using Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1.
    When I initially installed Fotomagico it loaded a legacy Lightroom catalogue from Lightroom 5 that I haven't used for 18 months. At least this proves it can connect to Lightroom. Now that I've moved that legacy catalogue to another location it can't find the current catalogue and there is no way to tell FM where to find it. I don't even get any error message... just nothing.
    I have had extensive correspondence with the Help Desk who tell me that the developers are looking at this.
    Please, treat us like grown-ups Fotomagico and let us choose the Lightroom Catalogue location!

  • I updated to FM 5.5.3 , which claims that Support for Lightroom Classic CC Libraries ( currently at 7.1 Rel. ) is now fixed,
    but I do not see this yet! FotoMagico is still broke !
    When can we expect a resolution ?

  • Just upgraded from 4 to 5. FotoMagico 5 will not open my FotoMagico 4 movies. Really? What am I missing?

  • @GMattingly I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with FotoMagico 5. Can you please send the document that is not opening to

  • Thanks Oliver. I stupidly tried to open a standalone player rather than a FotoMagico native file.

  • …and am unable to locate those FM4 native files on my drive. What suffix should I search for?

  • @GMattingly FotoMagico files have a suffix of .fms

  • Hello,
    I have Version 5.4, i can't upgrade 5.5. I have Mac Os High Sierra version 10.13.3. Can you tell me where is the problem. Thanks

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    I haven´t used my FotoMagico in 12 months. Now I bring on bunch of pictures about
    80 pieces. All pictures are locked. My license Key: ****
    I have not upgrade anything in a Year.

  • @"Päivi Herttua" Thank you for using FotoMagico. I'm sorry that you experience problems with it. I have redacted your license key number from your post as this information should be kept private and is unlikely to be relevant to this.

    Can you please send a screenshot of what you mean by "all pictures are locked"?

  • As a new FM user, this discussion is depressing and foreboding to say the least. I had no idea that FM was so buggy. I may have to reevaluate and consider running Pro Show Gold on my Mac.

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