Feature request: layer "playlist of layers"

Often there is a need to play a successive combination of layers.

For example "Start Show": the starting video, with the output to the main camera + titles + sound jingle + news crawl

OR "Show end": finishing video + scrolling credits + news crawl + breaking news

Would be an interesting implementation: a layer is created - where from the drop-down lists it was possible to compose a playlist of existing layer variants with the ability to select "simultaneously", "sequentially", with a "delay in sec"

This will give you the ability to create prepared sets of advertising, referrals to rubrics, and similar opportunities


  • Thanks for your feature suggestion!

  • I second this request, though I view it functioning more as a "folder" or layers that are nested into a group. The folder/parent could be triggered by its own live button, and all of its contents are triggered simultaneously or in sequenced based on a delay time set respectively for each layer that's relative to the group's live button trigger. This would be a BIG feature, IMO.

  • I'll third it :)

    I actually have a 'live' program, where it is a bunch of pre-recorded segments, but we run the transition bumpers, lower thirds, show open, logo bug, date/time, underscore music, closing sequence, etc.... live.

    If that could all be automated, and just run by pressing a button, that would be very useful... and actually remove human error.

    There are professional news systems that actually do a similar thing. You plug in all the elements, and the computer becomes the TD for the show

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