CPU vs GPU boosters for macbook

Built-in video card Mac notebooks (pro and air) can be accelerated with external amplifeyers with powerful video cards Nvidea, AMD, etc. This is the only solution to improve rendering performance. for example

These devices usually carry out the acceleration of final cut and other post production systems

I ran a test on such an amplifier with an external GeForce 1060 card, but noticed that the whole realtime rendering is still through the main CPU

Particularly noticeable is how the processor is overloaded for the function "face tracking" and the "follow" layer

Do you have plans to transfer the main load to the GPU?


  • The face tracking feature is an old implementation by Apple and was developed for PhotoBooth. You only can use it properly if your system is fast enough.

    If you happen to have the chance again to test mimoLive on an external GPU you can do so by switching on the Debug Mode of the app (hold down the Alt key while opening the Preference window). After a restart of mimoLive you will get a Debug menu which lets you select the graphics card where the rendering is happening on. Feedback is highly appreciated!

  • what minimal requirements for not lagging face tracking?
    now i have 8 ram, i7, 2.0, intel HD 4000

  • @did Which machine, which OS? Please, can you post the full specs?

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