2D image

How do you create a 2D image?


  • Can you explain in more detail what do you want to achieve?

  • I'm going to take a stab at out-guessing what the original question was meant to be. Creating a 2D image is just placing an image on the stage. So, that isn't really a question of how to create one.

    If what RJ meant to say was a "3D" image, where one layer can be seen under another, and either the top layer or the one underneath can move and be seen underneath, then what needs to be created is a .png file (which maintains TRANSPARENCY). Open an image in Photoshop using a transparent background (or any other app that can work with and save transparent images), remove everything you DON'T WANT visible (leaving those areas transparent), and then save it as a .png file. Import that into FotoMagico like any other image. Whatever appears UNDERNEATH the .png layer will be visible wherever the background was made transparent.

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