hardware advice

I need to purchase a device to digitize a bunch of VHS tapes. After I do so, I'd like to use the same device to send a composite (yellow plug) video signal out of my camera into mimoLive. I'd welcome advice on which product to buy. Thanks!


  • Some years ago I used a simple Video to USB converter for this task. I didn't worry much about the quality because PAL (or NTSC) is a poor quality anyways ;-) I think any convert will do which is compatible with macOS because those devices reports to the system to be a webcam and those are all working in macOS and therefore in mimoLive as well.

    Do your camera only have a NTSC/PAL out? I am wondering because this signal is analog and poor quality compared to a digital signal. So your cam will capture in digital, converting to analog, then the Video to USB will convert it back to digital. On this path you are loosing lot of image information. If your cam has a digital out I would rather use this.

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