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Hi Everybody.

All the question is in the title : Did you think it's possible to make mimolive able to use the Live Gamer Portable natively ?

On Windows they release a little soft to create virtual camera in streaming softs but nothing on Mac, and recording the RecCentral window is really not cool :/


  • @DaBv Thank you for taking the time to write in with your question.

    With "natively" you mean that you can use the device as a video source? Do I understand correctly that it doesn't show up as a source in mimoLive?

    Some recent USB 3 devices such as the Magewell HDMI dongle or the Aja U-TAP just work with mimoLive, because they support the USB device class for webcams.

    Which of the many different Live Gamer Portable devices are you using?

  • Hi Oliver and thank you for replying to me

    Yes with Natively I mean available as a videosource directly in mimo, actually it didn't appear anywhere :/

    And it was the first version of the Live Gamer Portable and it's a USB 2 device :)

    I say "it was" because I tried the device in a store, and go back in the store today, but the device was sold :neutral:

    But if the problem is solved I'll may be buy one.

    In advance, thank you.

  • If it didn't work before, it probably won't now. This is not a MimoLive issue, its the OS X driver for the device that is the problem. Same issue with the Elgato HD products - not available as an input device in ML. I asked Elgato about it and they said they have no plans to change their drivers on OSX. May I suggest you contact the device manufacturer about it?

  • Hi Chris.

    I've already made a request to AverMedia (no response since ...), because, yes, the problem come from drivers :/

    But I ask here too because may be there is a Avermedia SDK (didn't check) like BlackMagic and the team work on ?

    But I finally decide to buy BM product, I want to be sure that it'll work :)

    Thank you for your response !

  • I have the Elgato HD60 Capture device and wanted to try this as well. I had the newer AverMedia but wasn't happy with the performance (on a PC). I'll test out the Elgato and report back.

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