Best Presenter for Foto Magic Pro

Hi there,

I am working on a big presentation with Foto Magico. In a few weeks I will talk for 2hrs in front of +- 30000 people. So this is quite an important event for me.

Right now I am looking for a presenter that allows me to use the "Space-bar" and the "Right-Arrow-Key". This are the two keys I need to make a break and to continue the slideshow when this option is activated in the Software.

I just bought the Logitech R400 which unfortunately isn't perfectly supported by apple. I can use the arrow keys but no "Space-bar" like button. There are two more buttons on it that serve the "ESC" and some other random key... In case there is no hardware available - do you think it's possible to change the KEY functions by software or something like this... Logitech Control Center does NOT work on MAC...

Please help...



  • Hi Martin
    Would you mind to share if you managed to solve your problem. I would like to buy the Logitech R400 as well.

    Many thanks


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