Default settings for simple import

I was using Fotomagico v5.1.x for the first time, so forgive me if I missed an existing feature. I was preparing a 345 image slideshow for a friend who is a non techie nature photographer. He had his jpeg images, cropped as he desired, some horizontal, some vertical, and some were unaltered from his camera, all organized into 4 folders. Since the camera uses the 3:2 format and set pixel dimensions appropriate for an HD LCD projector (to optimize image quality for the device), I set the slide show to a 3:2 format. I allowed letter boxing. When I imported the images, most anything that wasn't 3:2 horizontal was cropped. I wish I could have specified that any imported image should not exceed either border but rather snap to an appropriate maximum size. Manually resizing 280 images was wicked frustrating.

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