I would be useful to be able to have a text animation. Eg Start in regular type and then move to bold.


  • I've wanted to see all kinds of variations in type manipulation -- kind of like a "morphing" effect -- from regular to bold, or to italic, or to change font size or color, etc. -- all on a per character basis, all performed during a transition from one slide to another, or during an animation process on a single slide...

  • Thanks for your feature request! I think there are 3rd party tools out there that are way better for this kind of animation. Please keep in mind that your are able to run transparent movies in FotoMagico (Apple ProRes 4444 video codec is required), so that you can create those fancy title animations in other apps and bring them into FotoMagico.

  • Hi, Achim -- true (outside of FM) -- BUT -- I think what ED WALTON was asking, as am I, that it be built into FM for ease of use, rather than having to go to a third-party app. It is a little outside the "normal" needs of a SLIDE presentation, but it just adds more creative abilities if it was there...

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