Connecting 4 cameras

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I have two JVC GY HM700u cameras with SDI-HD/SD BNC outputs.
I have one JVC GY HM100u camera with an HDMI output
and lastly a JVC GZ E10AUS camera with an HDMI output.

I have a MacPro 8core with 12 GB ram, 3 Terabyte harddrive. I have purchased the BoinxTV software. I believe there are 2 PCIe slots available in the computer.

What hardware do I need to run all 4 cameras into BoinxTV in HD for the easiest possible use of BoinxTV by students.

Please help.


  • We listed some of our equipment on our website here: http://www.boinx.com/boinxtv/equipment/ Maybe something works for you? However we can't recommend using four cameras in HD resolution because the amount of video data will stall the CPU.
  • My question maybe naive (I am not a computer dude).
    When you discussing running 4 cameras through BoinxTV, you mean running them simultaneously, or merrily placing them in the Layers in the BoinxTV, would couse CPU overload?
  • Just connecting the video cameras to the computer won't hurt. BoinxTV is smart and only runs a certain video source if it is used somewhere (either Preview output or Live output). But when you are going to switch to a sleeping video source you will get a little hick up because it takes some time to establish a connection to the device and filling buffers etc. This hick up you usually want to avoid. Therefore you run all your video sources in the background to have a smooth transition between them. That can cause a lot of CPU load. The Video-Switcher layer forces all video sources to run to guarantee a smooth transition.
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