MimoLive Replay

I have been testing out mimoLive with 2 cameras and offline clips and it has been working great.

One question I have is there any plans to add Instant Replay for sporting events?

I did some searching through the topics but they all seem to be Boinx TV related...




  • Sheldon, Thank you for trying mimoLive. I'm glad you like it.

    Instant replay is on our wish list, of course. We're experimenting with it, but haven't had a break through yet. We'll keep you posted.

  • Any update on Instant Replay for mimoLive?


  • Not sure if the mods will delete this but I use vmix purely for their instant replay functionality. Mimolive is much further ahead in terms of graphics functionality, and SDI playout, so I just have my vmix replay as a camera source. Of course this means that you have to have a separate computer to run vmix and you have to pay for a vmix license so the cost does rack up.

    Be careful what you wish for, replay recording takes up CPU and LOADS of disk space.

  • Any update on instant replay?

  • Didn't see this post before ... Interisting way ...

    I'm not sure I've the capabilities to do that, but will keep it in mind :)

  • Instant Replay can also be cool for other live events. Imagine a Game Show. Any news about it?

  • @JoPhi It's under development but not in a state fit for shipping yet. I can get you a preview.

  • Cool! Amazing. For the next 3 weeks I have lots of time, so if you want you can get me as a beta tester :smile:

  • We'd be interested in a preview as well.

    So glad you are working on it!

  • Instant Replay is implemented into mimoLive:


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