I bought FotoMagico 3 or 4 in the Mac AppStore, how do I upgrade to FotoMagico 5?

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I bought FotoMagico 3 or 4 in the Mac AppStore, how do I upgrade to FotoMagico 5?

FotoMagico 5 is also available in the Mac AppStore and will allow you to upgrade to FotoMagico 5 Pro right there by following these steps: * Make sure are logged in to the Mac AppStore with the same AppleID you purchased FotoMagico 3 or 4 with. * If the previous version of FotoMagico is currently not installed on your Mac, please re-download it from the "Purchases"-Tab of the Mac AppStore. * Purchase the basic Version of FotoMagico 5 from [the FotoMagico 5 AppStore page](https://itunes.apple.com/app/fotomagico-5/id1023352572?ls=1&mt=12) * Launch FotoMagico 5. * For FotoMagico 4: It will detect the installed version of FotoMagico 4 and unlock the FotoMagico 5 Pro upgrade for free. * For FotoMagico 3 Pro: It will detect the installed version of FotoMagico 3 Pro and offer the FotoMagico 5 Pro upgrade for $24.99. This will give you the same price as a FotoMagico 4 to 5 Pro upgrade directly from the Boinx Web Store.

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  • Sorry I do not understand.
    The tab FotoMagico 4 is disabled on "Purchases" page. How to re-download it again?
    I have to pay again?

  • We were told that the people who bought Fotomagico 4 thru the Apple store and who wanted to pay for the upgrade during your early bird special would get the upgrade thru the Apple store at that same reduced price - is this no longer what you intend to do ?????? Why ? And why should we now have to pay more ????

  • I've FotoMagico 4. To download FM5, I have to activate the button € 49.99 on the App Store ...
    The upgrade will be free or not ??? I hesitate. Thanks for your opinion.

  • I have Fotomagico 4.6.9 and previously downloaded a Beta version of FM5, I also bought the FM5 Pro under the Early Bird Sale. However the upgrade directs me back to the FastSpring store site and only offered the pay options. I have the FM5Pro Licence key but not a purchase voucher. How do I proceed with having to purchase "again".

  • Can we get some answers here - people want to buy your product but need some info !!

    Thanks !!

  • Can't wait to use the new app crossing my fingers upgrading goes smoothly for me.

  • But it ask me to pay $49.99 (bullet 3). How can this be for free. You are going to issue a credit against my Appstore account? Please explain

  • ** hmm ** I intended to install 5 Pro as FREE upgrade from FotoMagico 4. Seeing all the negative feedback here - I'll wait for a while. Dear Boinx People - will you come up with solutions over the weekend?

  • Hey! Wake up. I need an answer to my question. I bought FM4 on app store, want the upgrade but it's asking for $49.99. What's up??

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    I had previously downloaded a Beta version of FM5, I also bought the FM5 Pro under the Early Bird Sale. However I see no way to upgrade as the Boinx store site only offered the pay options. I have the FM5Pro Licence key but not a purchase voucher. How do I rectify this?
    I also have Fotomagico 4.4 and just tried to update it to V4.6.9 which has now failed and I am getting the following message: 'You can't open the application "Fotomagico 4.app" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported".... which now appears that my previously useable Fotomagico 4 is now useless... What's going on people, need some help here please.

  • After reading the last Newsletter again - conform to the NL:
    - the upgrade from 4 to 5 Pro does cost 49.99

    conform to the information here:
    - the upgrade 4 to 5 Pro is free

    Dear Boinx people: please clear information for your customers!

  • I did what was stated, using the Apple store, and they charged me the full price. Not sure what to do about that: or, perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought the upgrade was free.

  • Ok, I'm not getting this!!!

    I purchased FotoMagico 5 directly from the Boinx site back on Feb 10/2016.

    My copy (just upgraded today) still says v 4.6.8 ????

    Am I missing something here....like v5.X ?

  • I have Fotomagico 4 and upgraded to Fotomagico 5 on the App store. I was told that the cost would not be charged but in fact it was charged and I had to contact Apple to get a refund. The I Tunes department felt it a matter that you should know about

  • I purchased Fotomagico 5 how do I upgrade to 5 pro

  • yeah, like others - this makes no sense. "Purchase the basic version" ? And then no instructions on getting that $49.99 back? Everyone is getting charged. The instructions seem correct for users wanting the 5 Pro version. But the title of this page is "how do I upgrade to FotoMagico 5"

  • I have Fotomagico 4 on my iMac (purchased a couple of years ago). I've always done the upgrades and now wanted to upgrade to simple version 5. I'm fearful of doing this after having read the comments below. I've always been impressed with folks at Boinx and pretty sure they will get it figured out. Hope they do it quickly and let us know.

  • I have Fotomagico 4 and trying to upgrade to 5. This is very confusing. After reading comments, I'm not going to upgrade for fear of being charged $49.99 and unable to get my money back for the simple upgrade.
    I've always been very impressed with Boinx when I've called or emailed. I'm pretty confident you guys are going to figure this out and let us know what to do.

  • I agree with the previous contributors that your instructions for upgrading from Fotomagico 4 to 5Pro are as clear as mud. Are you saying that the upgrade from Fotomagico 4 to 5 is $49.99 and then the further upgrade to 5Pro is free or are you saying that the upgrade from Fotomagico 4 to 5Pro is free? For clarity, I have Fotomagico 4, purchased from the Mac App Store. How much in total will it cost me to upgrade to 5Pro? I won't upgrade until I'm clear as to how much I am paying.

  • This is a follow up to my previous comment. I have now done the upgrade process as described above and it works fine. Just to be clear, the upgrade from Fotomagico 4 to Fotomagico 5 is a PAID upgrade (it costs £39.99 in the UK). When Fotomagico 5 is installed, open it and look at the menu bar near the bottom of the page (items such as Storyboard, Timeline, Blank Slide and Add Title are on this bar). Click on the Timeline button and you will be prompted to upgrade to Fotomagico 5Pro. If you already have Fotomagico 4 (as I did) this will be shown as a FREE upgrade. Go ahead and 'purchase' the free upgrade and it will be installed on your machine.

    The real problem here is with the Mac App Store which implies that the upgrade from Fotomagico 4 to 5Pro is a free upgrade. This is not the case.

  • Harrib: Thank you for taking the time to figure it out and share it with everybody here. I'm sorry that this is so complicated, but the App Store leaves us little choice of how to provide for discounted upgrades to owners of a previous version. We'll try to do a better job at describing the process in the FAQ. Can we use your description as a base?

  • I read all the comments below. I see it's not free. But why not offer a little discount to those who purchased the last version, 4?

  • shirlco,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Indeed, there is a discount for those who purchased FotoMagico 4 previously on the Mac App Store. If you buy FotoMagico 5, it will look for FotoMagico 4, and, if present, will give you the option to upgrade to FotoMagico 5 Pro at a discount. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can offer a discount on the Mac App Store at all.

    Best regards,


  • i can not open fotomagico 5 pro even if I already paid on 7th august!
    how must I do ?

  • @parabond Can you please contact sales@boinx.com?

  • I can't find the basic version of FotoMagico 5 in the App Store.. please advice?

  • Please help me upgrade. The instructions and link listed on the website force me to pay $49.99 to the Apple App store. I am attempting to get my free upgrade from Vs4 to Vs5.

  • Hi, yesterday (23/07/17) I decided to upgrade from FotoMagico 4 to 5 Pro as I wanted to use the Audio Marker Assistant. I followed instructions for the FREE upgrade to FotoMagico 5 Pro from the App Store as described in your screenshot above. On the App Store I dowloaded the V5, opened it and located my V4 and then had to 'pay' Apple again thinking this is where they give a credit to cancel my purchase, thus making it FREE.

    This appears not to be the case as I now have two invoices from Apple for £49.99 each, one for V5 and the other for V5 Pro! for an upgrade that you say is FREE if I own V4!

    Please advise where I go from here before I open a 'dispute' in PayPal's Resolution Centre to retrieve what I should not have paid due to someones mistake at Boinx or Apple?

    Also, on your website yesterday the price is £39.99 so why was I charged £49.99

    This is very confusing!

    Michael C

  • @paintography I'm sorry about the troubles. We have no control over the App Store other than that we can list our products there.

    Can you please contact sales@boinx.com so that we can work on resolving this issue?

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