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I am a long time user of Boinxtv. Love it. I just downloaded and installed 1.9.12 on a Mac Mini running 10.7.5. I don't need to do anything fancy, just two layers (camera and titles).
For some reason though, it goes as far as "Loading Document Media..." and that's it. I left it working all night to see if it was just something that was taking a while but nothing. Can anybody help?


  • did you open an existing document or were you choosing a template. If so, which one?

  • Hi exactly the same problem :
    -- after updating to 1.9.12 on a mac mini running 10.7.4
    -- loading a boinx document, or creating a new document with a personalized template
    ==> boinxTV freezes at the stage "Loading document media..." [boinxTV has to be forced-closed

    Still works when creating a new document with existing template!!

    can.. anybody help??? thanks!!

  • Actually, I think i found the origin of this bug !!

  • Please let us know. I cant reproduce this here.

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