Feature requests ... grouping, lower 3rd

Hi All - long time user of BoinxTV and soon MIMO! I find I am continually upgrading my templates across events and I would like to be able to become more efficient. Two feature requests ...

1) Be able to group layers into a holding layer so I can close them all up. Use case: logos for event 1 vs. event 2 ... I want to hide the logos I am not using.

2) Lower third titles ... I'd like to have a variation of the layer that uses one title set up with only text changes for the layers, rather than the current fully customizable by title set up. Use case: same individual at multiple events - I'd like to be able to change the title set up once rather than for each individual.

3) Grouping for individuals in titles ... the ability to "hide" a group of individual instead of the display all or 1 we have now. Use case: Draw from a master set of individuals and only display the subset applicable to the current event.


  • Hi,
    1) This is on our wishlist as well :)

    2 & 3) I am not 100% sure if I understand correctly. Can you please specify?

  • edited October 2015

    2 ... Current titles have text and graphics for every title. I'd like a variant where one graphic is used across all titles in that one layer. Much easier to change a graphic for different event where the same text is reused.

    3 ... "folders" within a title layer that we can drag folks into and out of.

    New #4 ... copy/drag layers between templates

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