Can't send pictures to the Host

Using my iPad as the host and my iphone as the camera, I was doing some testing, but the pictures in my phone say "Failed to send image"


  • Hi,
    can you tell us a little about your setup? Are you using a Wifi that both devices are connected to?
  • Same wifi in both devices. I used Testflight to install in both devices. Also use the in app purchase for the complete. Finds the host but get error message.
  • Could you please retry sending. After it fails, please send us console logs from your sending iOS device. Please follow these steps:

    Step 1: Download and install the iOS Console application
    LemonJar makes a free application called iOS Console, which is very handy for retrieving console logs from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    Download the iOS Console application for Mac: http://lemonjar.com/iosconsole/

    Step 2: Connect your iOS Device
    Launch iOS Console and plug your device into your computer. After a few moments, a window should appear that displays the console log.

    Step 3: Either post the logs here or send it to support@boinx.com and mention "For Bastian" in the subject line.
  • Testing it right now, some photos come across, and a few photos miss to go through. Will use it later at the actual party.
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